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Looking Into Emotions: A List Of Feelings

How do you feel today?

Thats actually the first question you should ask yourself in the morning, because the answer to that can likely determine what your entire day will be like. People tend to think that everyone, in general, use logic or rationality to arrive at the decisions they make in life. However, this is hardly the truth. People tend to be governed more by their feelings or emotions rather than their rationality. What are these feelings and emotions, really? It is something we associate more with gut feel, instinct and mood, in contrast to rationality, which is associated with thinking. The first step to truly understand emotions is to identify what they are.

Common positive emotions, such as happiness, satisfaction, amusement, excitement, enthusiasm, calmness, optimism, tenderness, sympathy and fondness, are basically feelings that come from wonderful events that happen to a persons life or that come as a result of having positive relationships with others, or having a strong mental attitude.

In the same way, basic negative emotions are also easy to pinpoint. Theres anger, sadness, fear, shame, confusion, shamefulness, indifference, jealousy, annoyance, disgust, guilt or neglect. These feelings come as results of bad experiences, negative thoughts or unhealthy relationships.

Aside from distinguishing positive emotions from negative emotions, feelings and emotions can also be so specific that you can categorize them from the most intense to the least intense. Since these emotions may overlap or may seem similar, they also likely fit a particular experience, so that you can express your feelings in various ways. Categorizing or ranking emotions may not be an easy thing to do, but some studies attempted to do this.

For certain, there have been many emotions you have already felt or experienced. But have you come to think if you have always been able to identify precisely how you feel? Most of the time, we say people are either happy or sad. Other feelings like hungry or angry are also quite easy to say. However, the more experiences and feelings we get to familiarize ourselves with, the more words we also come to use to express our emotions. If when you were younger, you would only know about being happy or sad, later on, it is likely that you will also know what it means to be elated, triumphant or devastated.

There is some sense into enriching your emotions list or vocabulary. This gives you a better way of expressing yourself to others and an opportunity to further understand yourself. So, how do you feel today?

How To Improve Your Self-esteem In 5 Easy Steps

You know that a healthy level of self-esteem is undoubtedly one of your most powerful tools to achieving what you desire. How you see yourself and what you believe have a significant effect on all areas of your life. And deep down, you know that you want to get the most out of it. You want to live your very best life.

So what is holding you back? Only you. And possibly your level of self-esteem. The good news is that you are gifted with all the tools you will ever need to take charge of and radically transform your life.

There is no requirement for expensive mind-altering cognitive behavioral therapy or fancy self-help courses. All you need to aumentar la autoestima is something that works for you. Something simple. Something you can easily apply and adapt that you create for you.

What you will learn now is a practical and lasting way to change the way you see yourself. It is a personal commitment that you choose for you. And its simple. There are no big secrets out there about self-esteem and self-confidence, you just have to realize and believe what youre worth. You have to choose to live and be alive!. And it is as simple as this:

Appreciate Yourself

Yes, appreciation and gratitude are sure-fire ways to make you feel good. You know how good it's like to receive compliments or to be thanked for helping others. And what joy you receive through the act of giving. All you need to do is apply this simple fundamental to you.

Acknowledge all your good qualities. Take some time to write down as many you can. Read them over and over and feel the positive energy grow in you. Be grateful for the value of what you are gifted with. Learn to compliment yourself regularly for how you look, for what you have achieved and for the progress you are making. And then give to yourself. Reward yourself with whatever you feel deserve. All this will boost your self-confidence and work wonders for your self-esteem

Love Yourself

Sadly, this is where many people struggle. After all, we are our harshest critics. And a lack o self-love is the worst self-esteem killer. A fulfilled and happy life is all about you and what you choose, so start within. Self-love is a conscious state, a choice, a decision you make and commit to. And it is a very simple state to achieve. You simply know an believe that you love you. Period.

When you love yourself, you love the person you will spend the rest of your life with. And with it, self-esteem is plentiful and free. It makes perfect sense to shift now to loving you.

Imagine Yourself

Have you noticed how happy children are when they are absorbed into a world of imagination and creativity? They believe that anything is possible and that they are invincible What a wonderful example to follow.

You know what you want. You simply have to imagine yourself there, already having now what you desire. Affirmation and visualization are powerful tools that will work for you. Reinforce and affirm positive statements aloud and often. They should all begin with I am where possible, as oppose to I can or I will. Then visualize and feel what it feels like to experience your goals and dreams now, as if they have already manifested.

Validate Yourself

It is incredibly important to know who you are. To acknowledge your true, authentic self and to accept yourself for who you are. Not who or what others think or expect you to be. Be true to you. You know your capabilities, and you are also aware of your limitations. By validating yourself, the demands and expectations that you place on yourself will be more realistic and therefore more easily attainable.

Because when you know who you truly are only then can you begin to determine and define what you want. And when you know what you really and truly want from life, you make more informed choices and are better motivated to accomplish these thins and to live your dreams. Once you acknowledge and accept yourself on your terms, your confidence will soar, and your self-esteem will get huge lift at the same time.

Enjoy Yourself

One of the easiest ways to improve our self-esteem is to enjoy yourself. And its fun. And fun is fun. Things have become way too serious in our modern world. You can do without the stress, or do what you need to release it. It is time to absolutely, thoroughly and with great abandon, do all the tins you can to enjoy yourself. Exercise , have fun, laugh, e happy, be silly, do what you love. Do what you love. Because when you are doing what you love you are happy. And when you are happy, the endorphins are pumping and supercharging you with all that feel-good stuff. And what is self-esteem all about anyway? Its about feeling good. Feeling good about you.

So from today, from right now, choose to be and live alive!!

Guide Questions In Assessing Your Stress Level

A lot of people dont know that theyre stressed until they would actually feel that it has already taken hold of them. This can be pretty dangerous especially if you are someone who tend to ignore the signs of stress. It is best that one should be able to be observant of your body and know when you need to take your time off in order to minimize the hazardous effects of stress.

Stress can be very difficult to deal with depending on how capable you are of dealing with them emotionally and psychologically. There are a number of reasons as to why stress must be properly managed. But generally, it all should boil down with the reason that it will holistically improve you as a person. Thus, it is only but fitting and proper to have a guideline so as to better understand how extreme your stress level could be.

Guide Questions to assess your body:

This is commonly called as body scanning in which a person assesses his body to indicate the level of stress that he may be in. These are the following guide questions for body scan. Is your head aching? Is your forehead tensed ? Do you feel like your nostrils are flared? Is your lips tightly pursed? Are you grinding your teeth? Is your jaw clenched or tensed? Are your muscles shoulders clenched or tensed? Do you feel like your legs are about to run? Are your feet at a skewed angle? Do you feel any tension at your back?

If you answer YES to almost all of these questions, then it is about time that you relax for a while and just let it all go. One should know that all of these body conditions are signs that you are in a high stress level. Even if you answer to just some of these questions, it would be best that you take a moment to rest in order for you to regain your composure.

The following conditions made through your body scanning process are your signs that you are very stressed. It is best that you keep your body away for these conditions so that you will not have to endure the physical effects that may be brought about by stress. It is therefore highly advisable to apply the best stress management techniques for your benefit.

Once again, If you answeres YES to any of these questions, then it`s time that you relax for a while and chill..

Common Concerns When Making New Friends & How Hypnosis Can Help

The idea of meeting people then making new friends seems inviting at least for someone without social anxiety. If youre not a social butterfly, shaking hands with fresh faces can be a daunting task. It can give you shivers and can awaken self-consciousness and self-doubt. Are you interesting enough as an acquaintance? Do you exhibit good manners? What if introducing yourself is a waste of other peoples time?

Try not to let problems of the sort hold you back. Since meeting people and making new friends can improve the quality of your life, learn to mingle. You can use hypnosis for confidence building!

The Fear Is Just in Your Head

One of the best ways that hypnosis can help is by triggering the realization that the act of making new friends is not terrifying. If you explore the nature of emotions such as anxiety and shyness, youll discover that theyre all in your head. Learn to understand that that the apprehension is merely an implication of low self-image.

Hypnotherapists would suggest that its wise to be proud of your character. Always be confident that youre worth meeting. You have a unique personality that you should let others see. While different social situations can be stressors, appreciate that they come with their own benefits. Practice, Practice, Practice

Always be willing to practice the lessons that you acquired from hypnosis sessions. Try not to let these lessons remain only in your head. Start by checking out the places that people frequent. You can join clubs, meet-up organizations, birthdays, online communities, formal parties, and workshops.

Rather than keep on worrying about actions, conversation kickers, and secrets to making brilliant initial impressions, relax then dare to put yourself out there. Since you practiced on a real setting, your social anxiety in meeting new friends can deliberately disappear.

Open-Mindedness Goes a Long Way

Through hypnosis, you can train your mentality to get rid of biases. Learn to be fair, accept anothers individuality, and give a new friendship the chance to blossom. Instead of turning to a pre-set concept of a friend, learn to welcome any acquaintance. Avoid setting standards, and befriending in accordance with these standards.

Insisting on keeping an open mind is a means of boosting your self-esteem. For instance, if a new acquaintance watches different genres of films, admits to a less impressive educational background, or expresses opposing principles, be respectful. Since you know better than to carry a judgmental attitude, youre rather consoled with the thought that others are not judgmental, as well.

How Neuro-linguistic Programming Unleashes The Power Of The Mind

The mind is a very complicated and complex thing. And that is what sets us apart from the rest of the animals and other organisms. Our mind works not just on a biological and survival instinct level. It does way more than that.

More and more research and studies have been made in order to really know what is going on inside our minds. Indeed, there are secrets and unknown premises that our mind has yet to show us. It is of this reason that the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been developed.

What is NLP?

For us to have a clearer and more concrete understanding as to the function of NLP in unleashing mind power. Heres a quick meet and greet with the NLP.

NLP is basically a learning method and has been considered to be a powerful one which allows and ensures the following:

It creates change in your life in a positive and favorable way.

It allows you to understand the science to persuasion and influence.

It allows you to achieve your goals.

It allows you to overcome any unfavorable emotions and unwanted experiences in your life.

It allows you to have a better understanding of an effective communication.

The role and function of NLP is very diverse and multifarious that most of us may find it amazing as to how this was developed and improved. Actually, the birth of NLP emanates from other well established body of science and discipline. It comes from psychology, psychotherapy, linguistics, learning theory and other forms of multispectral disciplines.

If you take time to notice as to the origins of NLP, you would realize that the mentioned discipline make use of the power of the mind and the effects and influence of the mind on our behavior and physical condition. The use of all these bodies of knowledge to form one very effective method of learning known as the NLP has proven the effectivity and the power of this method.

Even the father of modern hypnotherapy, Milton Erickson, who has then yet to discover NLP has even found successfully made us of the basic theories involved in NLP in successfully altering the subconscious mind for a better human behavior.

Now more than ever, a lot of studies, experts, and researchers have begun to develop the various use of NLP even in our day to day lives. Indeed, it is proven very effective to unleash the power of the human mind.

Make Use Of Astrology To Pick A Career Path

It helps to use astrology for many things in life such as relationships and careers. If you have a child or if you plan to have children, plan to set on the proper path for a career by using astrology. If you are a full-grown adult, you can use astrology to help you when you need to redirect your career path. Here are some suggested careers for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

You want to find out what sign is in your 10th house. The 10th house has to do with professions and knowing what planets are there will help you determine a career even more precisely. Anyone in the sign of Aries is suited to become an entrepreneur. They also make great firefighters, mechanics, and athletes, specifically in wrestling. They do well in military or police service, too.

Those who are under the sign Taurus are good architects, interior designers, and nursery owners. They enjoy anything to do with the earth and plants so they also make good horticulturists or farmers.

Gemini's are successful directors, engineers, and writers. They also do well as accountants or secretaries.

Cancer in the 10th house is auspicious for anyone wishing to become a botanist, biologist, zoologist and even a dairy farmer. They make good nurses and doctors, too. As a typical example check out a Cancer career horoscope here and see if you recognise yourself and what motivates you in the summary.

Leo's make good actors, poets, artists, and politicians. Many famous people are Leos, but so are many chemists, doctors, astronauts and astronomers.

Virgo is a uniquely organized sign. They are great secretaries and personal organizers. However, they like any career that involves doing service such as psychiatry, teaching and healing. They also make good astrologers and mathematicians.

Libras like to make others happy, so any career where they can do this is suited to them. They make good teachers and artists. They like creating nice environments for others and because they are so even tempered they make great diplomats, too.

Scorpios typically have a keen sense of what is right and what is not. Therefore, if they can work to eliminate evil from the world, they are happy. They do well as spiritual teachers, Bible teachers and can make great meditation or yoga teachers. They also like careers where they can do scientific research.

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Sagittarius signs are terrific at being bankers, machinists, and computer technicians.They succeed at working with artifacts as well as chemicals. But, they also like travelling for their work, so anything that involves travel works for them just as long as they do not have to put up with any amount of fame.

Capricorn is one of the biggest business signs. They do not let their love of humanity interfere with making money. They do all right as horticulturists or forestry ministers, though. They can be successful gemologists, geologists and miners. They also do all right in banking, dentistry, engineering and constructions. Be patient, though, as success tends to come later in one's career.

Aquarius succeeds in public relations, philosophy, science, and computer hardware. They also do well as electricians and airplane mechanics. They are good at working with automobiles, too. Anything having to do with aquatics is also a sure path to career success for Aquarius.

Pisces likes to heal others, so they are best suited to becoming nurses or physical therapists. Still, they make good graphic and fashion designers as well as musicians and travel writers. They, too, will find success in the field of astrology.

Plan to succeed in a chosen career path based on your astrological sign. What you know about your sign will help you or your child do this.