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What Is Cord Blood And What Is It Used For?

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 7 months ago and I still remember all the thinking about the hospital where to bring her in this world, but, even more important, about the bank that would extract, transport and safeguard her cord blood. This was probably more important for us, because we wanted to make sure our daughter would have a cure or at least a shot at a cure, if needed. We found out that the most important aspect is to transport the cord blood from the maternity to the bank fast and in proper conditions.

If you are soon to give birth then it may help to find out what this is all about from someone who has already been through this. We had a pretty hard time deciding, because the doctors used a lot of medical terms and statistics that we had a hard time following.

Cord blood is essentially the blood that remains within the umbilical cord and in the placenta after the birth of a baby. It is so important because it contains nature's best kept secret until now - stem cells. These are cells that can be transformed into any other important cell, such as white and red cells, immune system cells, etc.

Because of this, cord blood can be used in many type of transplants and treatments, the most common being the bone marrow transplant or leukemia. It has been proven that cord blood can be used in over 80 types of diseases, including multiple kinds of cancer, especially where chemotherapy is no longer a treatment option, various blood disorders, genetic and/or metabolic illnesses and so on.

Do not worry about the collection process. It will not hurt at all, no matter how you give birth, whether naturally or through a c-section. The collection of the blood is done right after the cutting of the cord. Then the blood is transported in special conditions to a specialized blood bank for processing, stem cells extraction and preservation.

The Right Courier Services

This is why the courier services you choose are so important. We settled for a very reputable Ontario courier company, and we weren't disappointed. As for the blood bank, we chose one that offered several treatment options, were insured and were registered with the national health authorities.

Remember that these wonder cells can only be collected at birth, but can do a lot of good, not just for you and your new family. You also have the possibility to donate some of the cells to those for which this option was not available, or to research, to help scientists develop new revolutionary treatments.


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