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Ultrasound Machines And 3d/4d Scans

Ultrasound sonography can be used in various aspects. It is employed in obstetrics, where expectant parents can have a glimpse of their little angel inside the womb and obtain additional information regarding the babys gender, date of delivery, and problems about its development. Ultrasound is also used for medical purposes, especially the three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) ones, such as detecting cancerous or benign tumors in part of the body being examined.

The type of equipment used in an ultrasound varies. For obstetric purposes, transabdominal machine is used. It includes a hand-held device called a transducer to emit and record sound waves received in order to produce weekly images of 3D ultrasound or genuine 3D 4D ultrasound videos. Transvaginal scanners are also used in the early stages of pregnancy. Unlike the transabdominal machines, transvaginal scanners are inserted in the vagina to get a clearer view of the fetus since it is still too small to appear on a regular ultrasound. Regardless of the controversies surrounding this particular ultrasound machine, it can be very helpful in detecting fetal abnormalities, fetal implementation outside the womb and some ectopic pregnancies.

Evaluation of the blood flow through the veins and arteries, such as those on the arms and neck can be carried out more efficiently and accurately with the use of a doppler ultrasound machine. This could help detect blocked or reduced blood flow through major arteries in the neck that could cause stroke. It can also be used to evaluate the blood flow of a fetus to check its health and detect a babys heart beat. Doppler ultrasound also uses a hand-held transducer run lightly over the skin above a blood vessel. Just like any other ultrasound machines, it produces graphs or images that can be used by the physicians for future evaluation.

Breast ultrasound machines are specifically made to scan breast tissue. Since the best way to cure breast cancer is to detect and administer treatment in its early stages, breast ultrasound machines are preferred over any other type of detection machines. These machines do not emit radiation and only rely on sound wave frequencies to capture even the smallest abnormalities inside the breast. This machine also uses dopplers signals to monitor the blood flow in the breast area.

Cardiac ultrasound machines are used by medical professionals to take images of a patients heart. This machine also uses doppler signals which can be used to measure blood velocity. Physicians can also use to monitor the current state of the hearts cardiac vessels, check for blocked arteries, and diagnose other heart conditions.

Ultrasound tests should only be carried out by doctors or ultrasound technicians. These people are trained to operate the ultrasound machine and are knowledgeable about the frequencies to be employed on each of the various ultrasound tests. For instance, in order to capture weekly images of 3D ultrasound in pregnant women, a frequency range of 2.5 MHz to 3.5 MHz should be used so that the ultrasound would not be harmful to the baby.

The cost of an ultrasound test varies, depending on the type of ultrasound to be administered. For obstetrics, there are ultrasound packages inclusive of a 3D/4D scan, gender determination, OB-Gyne reports, pictures and CD for a reasonable price. Note that 3D/4D scans are more expensive than the regular 2D scans. The same applies to ultrasound tests for diagnostic purposes.


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