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Sassy Sashes For Your Wedding

You have finalized your guest list; you have decided on your menu; you have also chosen your venue for the wedding reception. Now you turn your attention to the details. So what will make your wedding reception more special? Heres one reception feature you can definitely improve on: the chairs.

If you are looking for that extra oomph, you can definitely achieve that by putting sashes on your reception chairs. You can tie them up in bows and rosettes; you can arrange them in folds or even add extra features like flowers, ribbons and labels. Chair sashes are a versatile means of improving the general atmosphere of your venue.

Overwhelmed and confused? Well, here are some wonderful ways to decorate with chair sashes: Think color scheme: Long sashes that match your weddings color scheme can be tied on chair backs. Even without covers, this particular idea works wonders. You can experiment by tying them up in unconventional ways to make them pop more.

Choose fabrics wisely: Is your wedding romantic? A sheer overlay with ruffled train will just be the thing. Are you aiming for a sophisticated and elegant vibe instead? Then you might want the touch of more luxurious and rich fabrics like satin and taffeta. Or maybe you want pizzazz, then you can definitely add sequined details to your sashes or just use fully-sequined ones.

Be creative with the details: Sometimes, its the little things that make people go wow. For an instance, you can make use of plain sashes and add details to it to make them more special. Simple strands of multi-colored ribbons for an instance, will already do the trick. Flowers are also good additions because they add that much needed pop of color to an otherwise plain chair sash. There are even some out there who use unique details such as whimsical paper pinwheels (think casual outdoor wedding), garlands and leis.

In the end, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination permits. Chair sashes may not seem very important at first, but when you see them gracing the chairs of your reception, you will see how much they can contribute to the overall appeal of the venue. They do not have to be expensive; all it really takes is a little creativity and a big imagination for you to execute the right look you want for your wedding day!


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