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Make Use Of Astrology To Pick A Career Path

It helps to use astrology for many things in life such as relationships and careers. If you have a child or if you plan to have children, plan to set on the proper path for a career by using astrology. If you are a full-grown adult, you can use astrology to help you when you need to redirect your career path. Here are some suggested careers for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

You want to find out what sign is in your 10th house. The 10th house has to do with professions and knowing what planets are there will help you determine a career even more precisely. Anyone in the sign of Aries is suited to become an entrepreneur. They also make great firefighters, mechanics, and athletes, specifically in wrestling. They do well in military or police service, too.

Those who are under the sign Taurus are good architects, interior designers, and nursery owners. They enjoy anything to do with the earth and plants so they also make good horticulturists or farmers.

Gemini's are successful directors, engineers, and writers. They also do well as accountants or secretaries.

Cancer in the 10th house is auspicious for anyone wishing to become a botanist, biologist, zoologist and even a dairy farmer. They make good nurses and doctors, too. As a typical example check out a Cancer career horoscope here and see if you recognise yourself and what motivates you in the summary.

Leo's make good actors, poets, artists, and politicians. Many famous people are Leos, but so are many chemists, doctors, astronauts and astronomers.

Virgo is a uniquely organized sign. They are great secretaries and personal organizers. However, they like any career that involves doing service such as psychiatry, teaching and healing. They also make good astrologers and mathematicians.

Libras like to make others happy, so any career where they can do this is suited to them. They make good teachers and artists. They like creating nice environments for others and because they are so even tempered they make great diplomats, too.

Scorpios typically have a keen sense of what is right and what is not. Therefore, if they can work to eliminate evil from the world, they are happy. They do well as spiritual teachers, Bible teachers and can make great meditation or yoga teachers. They also like careers where they can do scientific research.

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Sagittarius signs are terrific at being bankers, machinists, and computer technicians.They succeed at working with artifacts as well as chemicals. But, they also like travelling for their work, so anything that involves travel works for them just as long as they do not have to put up with any amount of fame.

Capricorn is one of the biggest business signs. They do not let their love of humanity interfere with making money. They do all right as horticulturists or forestry ministers, though. They can be successful gemologists, geologists and miners. They also do all right in banking, dentistry, engineering and constructions. Be patient, though, as success tends to come later in one's career.

Aquarius succeeds in public relations, philosophy, science, and computer hardware. They also do well as electricians and airplane mechanics. They are good at working with automobiles, too. Anything having to do with aquatics is also a sure path to career success for Aquarius.

Pisces likes to heal others, so they are best suited to becoming nurses or physical therapists. Still, they make good graphic and fashion designers as well as musicians and travel writers. They, too, will find success in the field of astrology.

Plan to succeed in a chosen career path based on your astrological sign. What you know about your sign will help you or your child do this.


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