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Guide Questions In Assessing Your Stress Level

A lot of people dont know that theyre stressed until they would actually feel that it has already taken hold of them. This can be pretty dangerous especially if you are someone who tend to ignore the signs of stress. It is best that one should be able to be observant of your body and know when you need to take your time off in order to minimize the hazardous effects of stress.

Stress can be very difficult to deal with depending on how capable you are of dealing with them emotionally and psychologically. There are a number of reasons as to why stress must be properly managed. But generally, it all should boil down with the reason that it will holistically improve you as a person. Thus, it is only but fitting and proper to have a guideline so as to better understand how extreme your stress level could be.

Guide Questions to assess your body:

This is commonly called as body scanning in which a person assesses his body to indicate the level of stress that he may be in. These are the following guide questions for body scan. Is your head aching? Is your forehead tensed ? Do you feel like your nostrils are flared? Is your lips tightly pursed? Are you grinding your teeth? Is your jaw clenched or tensed? Are your muscles shoulders clenched or tensed? Do you feel like your legs are about to run? Are your feet at a skewed angle? Do you feel any tension at your back?

If you answer YES to almost all of these questions, then it is about time that you relax for a while and just let it all go. One should know that all of these body conditions are signs that you are in a high stress level. Even if you answer to just some of these questions, it would be best that you take a moment to rest in order for you to regain your composure.

The following conditions made through your body scanning process are your signs that you are very stressed. It is best that you keep your body away for these conditions so that you will not have to endure the physical effects that may be brought about by stress. It is therefore highly advisable to apply the best stress management techniques for your benefit.

Once again, If you answeres YES to any of these questions, then it`s time that you relax for a while and chill..


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