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Exactly How Old Is Celtic Astrology?

There are many different types of astrology that have originated from several different cultures worldwide. Prior to the age of science, the stars, planets, sun, moon, and the time of your birth were all consider to be interconnected, creating personality types and also playing a role in the path that you would take with your life. The Mayans had a form of astrology, along with the Chinese and Indians, and in today's modern culture, astrology can be found on the Internet and in most newspapers in the form of horoscopes that people read every day. There is another type of astrology, and we will take a look at what this particular ancient Celtic Astrology form is and also determine how long ago it originated.

Understanding Astrology

In most forms of astrology, everything begins with the concept that the Earth is in the center of all of the rotating stars and objects in the sky. The sun, moon, and the stars, including the planets, play a role in the development of a person's character and path through life. Although there is no scientific evidence to support that astrology actually has an effect on a person, simply because science is all about being able to test and replicate experiments and situations, it is well-known to those that use astrology to guide their life that there is a legitimate power and knowledge associated with this ancient practice.

What Is Celtic Astrology?

This form of astrology began with the Celtic people thousands of years ago, and was originally developed around the concept of trees. Different types of trees were related to people depending upon the month that they were born in, and it would affect their personality and behavior. The Druids, the purported creators of Stonehenge, and ancient people that were very attuned to nature, realized that not only the trees, but certain seasons, as well as the position of the sun and the moon could effectively mold a person's life. There are also animals that are associated with each person's birth, correlating with the trees in this form of astrology. If you read the summaries of each of the 12 trees and animals, you will see correlations in regard to a person's personality, clearly showing that there is something to this form of pseudoscience.

How Old Is Celtic Astrology?

There is no specific date as to when this form of astrology was created, but it is assumed it was created by the Druids. There are actually classical documents which talk about the Druids and their affinity to what is called natural science, something that has been around for over 2000 years. Until further documentation is provided to conclusively show the date of its origination, we must go by the writings of Strabo, Pliny, and Julius Caesar. It is definitely one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world today, and could certainly play a role in helping you improve your life, a form of astrology that is just as valid as the modern versions available today.


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